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I'm an influencer.
Why should I partner
with Dazzine?

Dazzine is the ONLY place where top influencers can dream, design and sell their own collections.

Creating a collection with Dazzine helps you takeyour personal brand to the next level. Retail brandcollaborations are cool and all, but with Dazzineyou get to make your own exclusive label withYOUR name on it and offer it to your fans!

That perfect little black dress you can picture inyour mind but can’t find anywhere?Design it for yourown collection!That signature lip color you createby blending two different shades?Include it in yourpersonal beauty line!You know your fans best, andDazzine gives you the opportunity to make somethingthey’ll adore. We’ll help you with the process alongthe way and provide an awesome community-drivenplatform where style lovers all over the world can buy your designs.

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How do i careate an
influencer collection
with Dazzine?

Great question!
We’re always looking to expand our communitywith talented, passionate people who are premierfashion and beauty influencers. To apply, just fill outthe influencer form to tell us about yourself andyour fans. If our team thinks you’d be a good fit,we’ll get in touch with you.

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What are you looking
for in an influencer?

Since we’re a shopping community made by fansfor fans, an engaged following is a must. To give youan idea, most of our influencers have at least 1 millionfollowers and tremendous engagement on their socialchannels. Beyond a loyal fan base, we love findingvisionaries who are genuine, creative and bringsomething new to the table. There’s no right or wronglook, age, size or style—we pride ourselves in curatingspecialty boutiques that feature a varietyof the latest trends.

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Do you work with
male influencers?

We’ll be launching our men’s business soon. Sign up for emails and we’ll keep you in the loop.

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I'm a creative talent.
Does Dazzine work with
people like me?

I'm a stylist/photographer/other creative
talent & would love to help the influencers
develop their brands. Does Dazzine work
with people like me?

Great question! We’re always looking to expandour community with talented, passionate people whoare premier fashion and beauty influencers. To apply,just fill out the influencer form to tell us aboutyourself and your fans. If our team thinks you’dbe a good fit, we’ll get in touch with you.

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